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Off-color crusade hits men in the ...


By Heather May
The Salt Lake Tribune

What do you get when a group of mostly men brainstorm ways to promote self testicular exams?

There are about 30 phrases for testicles - "satchel full of yarbles," "donkey omelets" and "nutty buddies" to name a few - in a sing-a-long viral video that's a current hit on YouTube.

The Salt Lake City-based ad agency Struck and production house Cosmic Pictures created and produced a campaign they call "Carpe Testes" - humorously translated as "seize the balls" - for a New York testicular cancer foundation. Six months after their five videos were posted online, the sing-a-long, purposefully set to the tune "Do Your Ears Hang Low," was featured on YouTube's home page this week.

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Health Leaders Media Highlights Carpetestes Video


Gienna Shaw
HealthLeaders Media - Click for original article
July 9, 2008


I recently found myself clicking on a link that opened an online video—one in a series of humorous ads urging men to check themselves for testicular cancer. The person who forwarded the link to me didn't even know I cover healthcare marketing—he just thought I'd get a laugh out of it. Because, you know, there's nothing funnier than testicular cancer.

One of the ads is a bouncy "sing-along" to the tune of the popular Boy Scout song "Do your ears hang low?" with lyrics comprised of the many different slang terms for testicles. Another is a take-off of a 1950s public health film—the kind they used to show in school to warn children about the dangers of poor hygiene and other life-threatening issues. Dr. Harold Rounds deadpans his lines: "Gentleman, there is an important issue you and I need to discuss," he intones. "Your balls."

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