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This Testicular Cancer Tale Is Quite A Handful


We’re all about awareness here at the Ball Report – our whole mission is making sure that gentlemen keep tabs on their balls. So this testicular cancer tale is something that’s very worth reading.

It comes courtesy of Adam Salandra, the host of Gay Weekly Roundtable who also works as a panelist on The Daily Share. He’s an entertaining writer with a gift for vivid descriptive phrases, even when they might not seem appropriate. So his tale of how a growth in his balls was misdiagnosed as a varicocele before being caught as cancer is as funny as it is alarming.

“At the time, it honestly never occurred to me that I might have cancer: I’d always considered myself a hypochondriac, but somehow the C-word was too big for even a veteran panicker like me to conjure up.”

He didn’t have insurance, so Salandra just let the growth in his ball expand until it was bigger than an egg. As we know, this is a mistake, and by the time he got the diagnosis he needed surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully for him, treatment was successful and he hasn’t experience a recurrence. Now he’s urging other men to look at their balls and get a second opinion if their doctor doesn’t take them seriously.

Read the whole thing at NewNowNext.

Team Transform is back with our much anticpated and epic event BLACKOUT BURNOUT BOOTCAMP!

Hit The Lights, its TIME to sweat with PURPOSE.


Transform Fitness and Training of Tuckahoe New York will be hosting a fitness fundraising class event on January 5th 2018 at 7:30pm.

This year the event is even more special to us to us than ever. We have paired up with the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Our co owner Brian Harrington is not only an advocate for this foundation but also is celebrating his 5th year cancer free.

Brian's Story:5 Years ago at the young age of 30 years old Brian was diagnosed with testicular cancer. As you can imagine this life altering news sent a shockwave through Brian, his newly married wife Summer and their entire family.

Brian said: "The news that I had cancer was the worst day of my life, then I was told I may not ever be able to have children". I refused to allow cancer to dictate my future, my wife's future, and the future lives of the children we have always dreamt of having."

Through the endless support of family, friends, and The Sean Kimerling Foundation Brian was able to FIGHT AND SURVIVE!

Fast forward to today- Brian and Summer have been blessed with two beautiful children Autumn Olivia and Grayson Cole.

An Epic Experience ( What to Expect )

Lead by Team Transform co owner Frank DAg, Transform Class Specialist John Foosh, and Brian himself you will be guided through a powerful 60 minute workout routine. You will leave energized and acchomplished READY to tackle the new year ahead.

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Storage Hunters Star Speaks Out About Testicular Cancer


Testicular cancer strikes men in every walk of life, and the latest high-profile patient is Jesse McClure, the star of Storage Hunters on TruTV. In 2016, he made the jump to solo stardom with his own Discovery Channel show, but while he was in the UK filming he got a call from his oncologist that changed his life.

McClure had T1 Seminoma testicular cancer and had to drop everything and return to the States for treatment.

“Thankfully it was a blessing in disguise – I had no idea [about the cancer]. It wasn’t something I was expecting. Before, I thought I didn’t need to go to the doctor. I didn’t need to get my masculinity checked – ‘I’m on a TV show on my own and I don’t need that, thank you very much.’ But that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

It’s a story we’ve heard hundreds of times. As men, we’re very macho about our own health and mostly prefer to avoid trips to the doctor unless there’s blood pouring out of our face. But it’s important to take care of every part of your body, and the Storage Hunters star is speaking out.

“[Cancer] is not a fun thing to talk about. [We need to] drop these walls and misconceptions that it’s more masculine to hold it inside than be open and honest.”

Read more at Metro.

This Testicular Cancer Story Is Worth Reading


If you have a cancer story, we want to share it here at the Ball Report. Our #1 mission is making sure men are aware of the potential dangers of testicular cancer and check regularly for any strange feelings in their scrotum. So when a tale popped up on the Huffington Post, we knew we wanted to bring it to your attention.

It was written by an Aussie named Mat Whitehead, who works as an entertainment reporter for his country’s branch of HuffPo. It’s a breezy and casual tale that starts off with him showing his balls to a GP and an observing medical student and gets right down to the treatment. Smartly, Mat was able to get his surgery done right away, an event that had him a little flustered. As he says in the article:

“Part of the reason it feels ridiculous to say is because I was diagnosed on a Wednesday. By the following Wednesday I was at home recovering from surgery. I didn’t battle. I didn’t fight or overcome. I was scared and embarrassed and then I was eating a room-temperature egg salad sandwich as the anesthetic wore off.”

Whitehead’s cancer story has a pretty happy ending, but he reminds readers it didn’t have to be that way:

“When I first noticed there was a difference in the size of my testes I did absolutely nothing. The idea of calling up, making an appointment to discuss my “private parts” felt humiliating. Those are supposed to be private! I couldn’t bear the thought of it.

Then I began to feel a slight discomfort. A dull ache. That’s when I realized things were escalating and the next day I was booked in for a check-up. All my fears, everything I was so embarrassed to encounter was even worse than I had possibly imagined.”

Don’t wait. If you have any strange feelings down there, get to the doctor.